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WebOps Logistics is the world's leading healthcare logistics provider and we empower the world's leading medical device companies, distributors and third party logistics providers with a “best-in-class” end to end solution

We Are Your Digital Healthcare Supply Chain Solution

The WebOps Logistics® Software Platform is a comprehensive and innovative inventory management solution for the healthcare supply chain. It provides a reliable way to track high value medical device and equipment throughout the supply chain with features such as warehouse and consignment management, loaner tracking, and automated inventory updates.

This software platform can be utilized for a variety of medical device and equipment, allowing users to monitor and manage their inventory with ease and accuracy.

  • Global Solution

    In use on 6 continents all over the globe, we are ready to expand with your growing business

  • Enterprise Ready

    Scalable and secure enough for any size company or healthcare system

  • Integrations

    Using our public APIs, we are already connected to the worlds largest ERP systems

Software Integrations

We are already connected with the leading ERP, Sales Force Automation, Hospital Integrators and Shipping Providers

We are already connected with the leading ERP, Sales Force Automation, Hospital Integrators and Shipping Providers

WebOps Logistics® Features

Surgical Case Planning

A quick, easy an intuitive way to add a surgery to the surgical calendar

Kit and Set Management

Manage your implant kits and instrument sets across your organization


Loaner Management

Easily assign, track, return & check-in loaned implants & instruments

Usage Capture

Capture implanted usage directly from the O.R. during surgery

RFID & Barcode Scanning

Use multiple automated data capture methods to speed up processes


Quality Alerts

Get automatically notified of expiring inventory or manufacturer recalls

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We certainly do and we do them all the time. Just contact us.

Using our public API’s we are able to integrate with any other system that uses API’s as well.