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Logistics for Medical Device

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Dedicated to Optimizing Medical Device Service and Inventory

The WebOps Logistics platform is a comprehensive, mobile device compatible, SAAS solution that provides Medical Device Manufacturers, Distributors and Providers with accurate tracking and ordering for a broad range of medical devices.


Scalable and Dependable

  • 10,000+ Sales, Operations, Inventory and Customer Service Users
  • 100,000+ Surgeries tracked per month
  • Validated System: cGMP 21 CFR § 820.70(i), 21 CFR §11, HIPAA/HITECH
  • Private Cloud – SSAE 18 Hosting, Security, Support and Scalability
 Proven Solution
  • In production since 2005
  • Industry best practices from 40+ manufacturer customers and Third-Party Logistics providers
  • International: In use in 12 countries on 5 continents
  • Languages: Currently translated into 7 languages




Mobile app for Sales Team

Mobile-1-Main-page.png Mobile-1-sales-form.png

Case Scheduling and Product Request

  • Manage Surgery Schedule
  • Assign Cases to Tech Reps or Group Reps
  • Request Product for Loaners
  • Assign Ship to Address, Date Needed by etc…


Usage Entry

  • Scan usage items using device camera
  • Select usage items from assigned inventory
  • Search consignment for usage items
  • Contract Pricing




Signatures and Email Forms

  • Capture signatures from rep and account
  • Enter in freight charges
  • Email Order Form directly to purchasing
  • Hyperlink for purchasing to apply a PO


Sales Reporting

  • Assign quotas per Sales Rep
  • See total sold inventory for the month
  • See what still stands in Open Purchase Orders
  • See what has been billed



Mobile-1-usage.png Mobile-1-report.png

Web Application for Operations


Consignment Management

  • Create Transfers at set or item level
  • Manage inventory at hospital and Trunk Stock
  • Email Order Form directly to purchasing
  • Expiration and Recall Alerts
 Loaner Case Management
  • Manage Loaner Cases at national or local level
  • Allocate inventory based on requested product
  • Source from main warehouse or consignment
  • Create shipments with POD’s



Web-1-Consignment.png Web-1-check-in-screen.png

Kit Reconciliation and Processing
  • Receive sets back in via batch or individual kit
  • Scan sets through additional processes
    • ex: in wash, in repair, inspection
  • Discrepancy reports for not returned items



  • RFID Manager Software Module – Activates unique RFID Tag, Initiates RFID Scans, Integrates the reconciliation process directly into the WebOps Platform
  • RFID Table – Performs accurate scans of tagged items, kits and tubs.
  • RFID Tags – Readily available, economical tags affixed to medical device packaging

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Web Application for Customer Service


Case History and Email Forms

  • Full transactional history of a case
  • In Line edits for adding PO’s/ERP Information
  • Save PDF’s of Order form and email to accounts
  • Form hyperlink allows account to enter PO
 Usage and Pricing
  • Receive “real-time” accurate usage from the field
  • Replenishment and Ship To locations
  • Load Hospital Contract Pricing
  • Manage Cap Pricing




Feature Rich

Scan barcodes for kits, items, students and locations

Import vendor catalog

Par level optimization, product utilization

Have multiple floors and dispensaries under one organization

Password protected and roles based

Audible and visual feedback when an expired item is scanned

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