Make Your Dental School Dispensary More Efficient with WebOps Dispensary®

The WebOps Dispensary® App provides dispensary technicians, sterile processing and school store employees with the ability to quickly and easily scan inventory in and out of the dispensary or department.

Why Do You Need Dental School Dispensary Software?

If you aren’t using dispensary software to organize your dispensary operations, chances are you are wasting a lot of time — and money. Inventory management is extremely important for any organization, but it’s especially crucial in a dispensary where availability and accuracy of products determines treatment efficacy.

A Dental Dispensary software helps you maintain an accurate inventory and avoid wasted costs. If you are manually tracking your inventory and have multiple users, it’s easy for data to get missed, misunderstood, or misinterpreted.

Improve Efficiency

By moving from a manual to an automated process, your team will be able to save more time to work on what’s important

Increase Accuracy

By utilizing barcodes to scan student badges and dispensed product, the data is much more accurate and reliable

Mitigate Disputes

Disputes are almost inevitable when you have a paper system. Having a digital log of all activity increases trust in the data.

WebOps Dispensary® Features

Intuitive Interface

The easy-to-use interface makes it more user friendly for an already busy staff.

Item Master

Manage your implant kits and instrument sets across your organization

Product Attributes

Learn more about your inventory on hand by capturing additional attributes

Usage Capture

Capture implanted usage directly from the O.R. during surgery

Barcode Scanning

Mitigate errors and speed up processes with barcode scanning

Quality Alerts

Get automatically notified of expiring inventory or manufacturer recalls

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