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Our Dispensary platform allows you to identify and report on individual student usage, including change of instrument status. If outstanding or overdue equipment is detected by the software your school has easy access to exactly how many days overdue, the original date checked out and location. Every step of the inventory’s life cycle is conveniently placed in theĀ easy-to-read inventory statusĀ sheet.


Ease of Use

The sleek, intuitive interface allows the dispensary to scan the receiving location, then scan the inventory, making the process quick and reliable .

Dispensary Platform

The WebOps Dispensary App provides hospital employees and device vendors with the ability to quickly and easily scan inventory in and out of the dispensary.




Dispensary.png Disp-Catalog.png

Product Attributes

And additional information about the item including Manufacturer, lot code and expiration date

Item Master

The WebOps Dispensary App stores all attributes about a specific item including current location, department, cost to hospital and date received





WebOps Dispensary Video

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Feature Rich

Scan barcodes for kits, items, students and locations

Import vendor catalog

Par level optimization, product utilization

Have multiple floors and dispensaries under one organization

Password protected and roles based

Audible and visual feedback when an expired item is scanned

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