Dental Schools Facing Increasing Inventory Demand

According to the American Dental Association the U.S. is seeing an increase in the number of dental schools since the decline in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In the 2020-2021 school year, there were 25,995 students enrolled in predoctoral dental education programs across the 68 dental schools across the country. Each dental school requires students to buy or borrow numerous instruments throughout their time at university and will pay an estimated $17,454 on dental instruments costs alone, according to a survey by Student Debt Relief. WebOps’ Web-Based Dental Dispensary Platform makes dental supply inventory management easier than ever before by scaling it down to an easy to use four step process.”

Most dental school students are forced to manage their own dental inventory such as using spreadsheets that have proven to be unreliable and inconsistent. By scanning each student’s badge at the dispensary window each student receives their own inventory management profile which checks in and out individual instruments. This provides a centralized access point to consistent and personalized data.

Our Dispensary platform allows you to identify and report on individual student usage, including change of instrument status. If outstanding or overdue equipment is detected by the software, your school has easy access to exactly how many days overdue, the original date checked out, and location. Every step of the inventory’s life cycle is conveniently placed in the easy-to-read inventory status sheet. 

Once inventory has been scanned, the timer starts for the student’s lease on the instrument. This process makes it easier for the school and the student, by allowing both to monitor the lease period. Once the loaner is due back the user is immediately alerted. This leads to less inventory loss and waste for both parties. Schools can now maximize accountability of their students to assure less of the budget is spent on expired and lost inventory. This leads to the security of the school’s most valuable assets. 

After the user has been alerted of the instrument’s due back status, they are reminded to scan back the equipment by returning to the dispensary and re scanning their student badge. Keeping this process the same way they checked in the inventory allows for a no excuse way for students to remain accountable. However, that is not the end of the tracking benefits for the school. Our platform allows for continued expiration tracking and alerting to when their instruments are nearing expiration. There are numerous ways for schools to benefit from safely using near expired medical supplies. With our system you can take advantage of these options rather than accidentally using expired medical supplies on patients.


Not only do dental schools have to deal with managing student inventory, but most dental schools offer dental services that require their own inventory management. Since 2018 inventory cost has risen by $600,000 for dental schools across the country. Everyone can agree that having expired medical supplies on hand can pose dangerous risks for patients and the programs that do not have proper procedures on how to track expired inventory. According to a survey done by the Becker Hospital Review, 24% of hospital workers have seen or heard of an expired product being used on a patient. This doesn’t include the many potential workers who have chosen to not report this harmful act. An all-in-one inventory management solution like WebOps Dispensary can notify your team before the inventory expires so you have a chance to make a responsible decision on how to manage your inventory.

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