WebOps® Logistics

Representative Attended Surgeries

Loaner and Consignment

Examples – Orthopedic Implants

WebOps® TXN

Non-attended surgeries

Consignment or Direct Order

Examples – Cardiovascular, Orthobiologics

WebOps® Dispensary

Clinical Inventory Management

Consumable and Returnable

Examples – Hospitals, ASC’s, Dental Schools

WebOps® OnHand

Inventory Location Book-to-Physical

Cycle count or Full inventory

Examples – Any


WebOps Logistics platform is a comprehensive, mobile device compatible, SAAS solution that provides Medical Device Manufacturers, Distributors and Providers with accurate tracking and ordering for a broad range of medical devices.

WebOps Analytics

WebOps clients generate hundreds of thousands of inventory movement records every week. That’s BIG DATA that can be leveraged to make informed decisions to increase operational efficiency and reduce working capital.


Let us help you reduce your operating costs by taking advantage of our 30+ years of experience in Warehousing, Order Fulfillment and Customer Service. Since our operations team uses WebOps Software we can run a business that would normally take a staff of 8 with only 3.

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