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Meet WebOps Analytics, a highly customizable and feature rich platform that is dedicated to helping medical device manufacturers and their customers streamline their inventory and operations — ultimately increasing sales with less overhead. Using “best in class” data analysis tools coupled with over 400 data elements available to report on, WebOps provides previously unimaginable insight into the business and is changing the way our customers view their world.

Data Rich

With more than 100,000 surgeries being tracked each month all over the world, and the billions of dollars of inventory supporting those surgeries, WebOps Logistics generates a tremendous amount of data. WebOps updates the analytics data warehouse with hundreds of thousands of records each day to give our customers all of the data they need at their fingertips.

On the go

With and easy to use “drag and drop” graphical display, generating actionable analytics has never been easier. Accessible from any device, explore data at your desk or take your data to go. Or simply export the view to a PDF or PowerPoint for a last minute presentation.

Metric Examples: Operations

Operations Optimization

Loan set utilization, lead time analysis, low set alerts are just a few of the features our customers are using to change the way they do business. Identifying opportunities to limit shipping cost and used floor space help make your operations more efficient.

Operations KPIs

Visualize how long your loan inventory spends in transit before being returned and checked back in. Identify nodes of “dwell time” where improvements can be made to help speed up the inventory and create better turns.

Metric Examples: Inventory

Right Sizing Inventory

Manage and optimize par levels at key accounts by setting safety stock levels based on historical usage data. Receive emailed reports when par levels are reaching an alert level.

Manage Expiring Inventory

Identify “soon-to-expire” inventory and see where to move it to give it the most optimal chance of getting used before expiring

Quotas and Commissions

Set quotas and commission rates to allow the sales team to see where their sales are from an overall views as well as by product line and account


Use the sales forecasting tool to see what your potential sales are based off of what is entered into the WebOps platform plus historical trends

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