WebOps is proud to announce that Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM) has launched WebOps Dispensary to streamline dispensary operations, and track, manage and optimize their inventory. The system allows all equipment and dental instruments to be easily tracked and accounted for as it moves throughout the school.

“Its modernized the way we handle everything”-Michael Conte-Sr Associate Dean for Clinical Affair

With the continuing rise in dental school inventory demand this platform allows RSDM to meet this demand, and is also expected to save money on inventory waste. Erin Bauzyk, Executive Director of Information Systems and Technology for RSDM has already seen the improvements in inventory management, saying WebOps  “provides a much better view of what we have, and where it is.” This is exactly what our developers envisioned when developing this platform.

In a typical session, dental students all descend on the dispensaries at about the same time, twice a day.  It was critical to Rutgers and WebOps to ensure the tool was extremely user friendly, and that it makes the check-out and check-in process more efficient for the students and dispensary staff.  Students can also have confidence that their owned equipment is fully accounted for, and that purchase records are accurate.  Staff members scan the student’s id badge along with all the items the student is checking out.  The data is uploaded to WebOps,  which monitors both returnable and consumable items and the expected due-back time.  At check-in time, both student and dispensary staff can see any discrepancies or missing items, and resolve those on the spot.  This leads to less inventory loss and waste while shortening the entire loaner process for both parties. 

Staff will also no longer have to manually order new instruments and can rely on the platform to automatically reorder supplies when stock levels are low. However, that is not the end of the tracking benefits. The dispensary platform alerts staff members when the instruments are nearing expiration. With our system staff members can decide how to manage near expired inventory rather than accidentally leasing expired instruments to students.

The successful launch of WebOps Dispensary in the RSDM clinics is only the beginning.  Additional functionality is coming this summer as WebOps connects the RSDM sterilization suite to Dispensary. Once completed, instrument movements within the sterilization suite will switch from requiring manually log-ins and make the switch to seamless automation. The Graduate dispensaries will also be added.  

“Ultimately, the WebOps system will handle the lifecycle of clinical materials throughout the organization,” Bauzyk said. Our team at WebOps is looking forward to our continued work with the dental professionals at RSDM.